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German project YACOBS is the creative vehicle for drummer, composer and instrumentalist Ulf Jacobs, YACOBS the monicker he has chosen to use as a solo artist. Influenced by Music like Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel as well as Keane or Aqualung, he released his first solo album back in 2001, since then a further five productions have seen the light of day. "Beautiful" is the most recent of these, and was released through Gold und Tier in 2020.

"still love you" - 2001 (Gecko Records)
"lifespan" - 2004 (Gecko Records)
"estella" - 2007 (Gecko Records)
"time machine" - 2011 (Musea Records)
"clouds" - 2012 (Musea Records)
"beautiful" - 2020 (Gold und Tier)

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yacobs-naked from the forthcoming album "beautiful"
to be released on October 9th 2020
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